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A72 Films showreel services - contact us and let's craft the showreel that could help you.


Your showreel is your acting portfolio, a snapshot of your best work. It's your opportunity to demonstrate your range, skills, and versatility as an actor. Casting directors, agents, and producers often rely on showreels to gauge your suitability for a role. PLEASE make sure you read the FULL FAQ at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your journey is unique, and so should your showreel. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your goals, style, and preferences, ensuring your showreel accurately represents your talent.

​We understand that time is of the essence, therefore we work efficiently to deliver your showreel promptly, so you can seize opportunities as they arise.


Quality shouldn't break the bank. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of your showreel. Your investment in your career is one that will pay off.

Ready to take the next step in your acting journey? Contact A72 Films today and let's craft the showreel that could help your career move forward.


Each scene costs £400 and covers one scene which is around 1.5 minutes.

If you want to perform the scene with a friend/fellow actor then the cost can be split. 

You can perform a monologue should you wish.

You can use your own script, we can write specifically for you or choose from our available library.

Each scene will be filmed on a professional camera (RED) with cine prime lenses for ultimate quality.

We also offer showreel editing, professional landing pages for your images, cv, contact information and reel, These are bespoke and succinct. Please get in touch for more details.

  • I'm interested - what's the first step?
    After your initial enquiry, we can discuss via email, call or zoom etc what your requirements are. We can check schedules and arrange a suitable day for the shoot.
  • Will I be considered for any roles in an A72 Films production?
    This is an interesting question and the answer is yes. Possibly. When we cast our productions, we do our due diligence and always go through the correct channels with an open and fair policy. If we filmed your showreel and you blew us away with your performance, it is definitely something we’d remember and your agent, should you have one, would be contacted or you may be called on to audition.
  • What will it cost?
    All scenes are £400 - that includes all post effects, sound mixing and cleaning, grading, editing and whatever else the scene requires in post. Edits of existing showreels start at £150 depending on the complexity and what needs doing.
  • Can I provide my own script?
    Yes, but there are some conditions. If your script features a scene on an aeroplane or a submarine, unless you can provide the locations and permits yourself, then we couldn't film it!
  • I don't have a script!
    That's fine. We can write a script for you or you can choose a ready-made script from our library.
  • How long will it take?
    We can shoot two scenes in a day. There are plenty of variables though! Rembering lines, weather, performance and so on. We would normally say that shooting one high quality scene in a day is about the average. We want to use the best shot ratio for your reel and it may mean multiple set-ups for the perfect scene.
  • What are my responsibilities?
    You will need to make sure you arrive on time and bring your own costumes and props. If you want to bring a fellow actor to play opposite, than, again, that is your responsibilty to make sure they know the details and have preperation, costume, etc.
  • Where will it be filmed?
    It will be filmed in areas around the midlands that we have access to. If you want it filmed in a specific area, either near you or somewhere you have permission to, then that is fine as long as our travelling costs are covered.
  • How will I receive my finished scene?
    When the edit and grade is finished, we will email a link so you can view the showreel. This will be watermarked and not full resolution - any amendments or revisions you require are then actioned. When you are happy with your finished product, then you will receive a download link to your finished scene.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Shropshire, England. It's a great location with plenty of wonderful areas to film, but not only that, being central means it's so easy to access from Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, Bristol and so on!
  • How long will the scene last?
    The answer is around a minute and half. They need to be long enough for the story to be told, but not too long as to become boring to a casting director. Succinct and to the point to showcase your talent.
  • Why should I hire A72 Films for my showreel?
    As you can see from our experience and our work in narrative, award-winning media, we have an excellent grasp of making your scene look cinematic and professional. We have a full team of cinematographers, sound recordists and editors.
  • I am a casting agent/run a casting agency, can you provide a regular service to my clients?
    Yes - please get in touch - we are always happy to create ongoing, professional relationships.
  • How do I pay?
    Bank transfer is the option we prefer - never cash! A deposit is required on booking, which is usually half the cost. An invoice will be provided and when you have reviewed your scene and it's signed off, the remainder will be required and a full 4K HD download link to your scene will be provided.
  • Will my showreel be classed as a screen credit?
    Quite simply, no. Showreel scenes are to showcase your talent as an actor and not classed as a credit on IMDb for example. If you say to a casting director that it is a scene from a film and they ask us for feedback, I will inform them that it is a scene shot for showreel. Sorry!
  • What if I need to cancel or rebook?
    You can cancel, but the deposit is non refundable. If you need to change the shoot date, it is possible depending on availabilty.
  • What about music?
    We have access to thousands of creative commons tracks - if music enhances your scene, we could suggest using it. Music can drive and enhance a reel.
  • Do you film fighting, nude or action scenes?
    We don't. Action scenes are dangerous without all the correct safety measure. So no fight scenes. Rarely do we get asked about semi-nude bedroom scenes for example and it's something we wouldn't do. Also, no in-car driving scenes, only when the car is stationary.
  • What about animals?
    No, we don't shoot reels involving animals.
  • What if I want a period scene or say a scene in a trench from WWI?
    These things are doable - with a lot of caveats. If this is something you wanted, you would need to arrange actors, locations, costumes, props and so on - then we can talk about it.
  • Can you provide costumes?
    No, this would be your responsibilty.
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